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    Cost: Please consult individual workshops. Places must be booked in advance via email.

  • Mini Course: An Introduction to Mindfulness For Stress Reduction.

    This mini course is designed as an introduction to learning how mindfulness can be applied to your life in order to create lasting change. It will teach you some basic skills that will begin to help you come off the automatic pilot that drives you to act in ways that are unhelpful and that gets you caught up in thoughts about the future or past. The past no longer exists and the future is just a creation of our mind. As we learn how to come back to the present moment, the only one that really exists, we come to a more stable place where the simple pleasures of out moment to moment living can be enjoyed more fully.


    In two two-hour sessions we will cover:

    • What is mindfulness and how it can apply to you?
    • How we react to stress and how we can learn to choose to act in more effective ways
    • How to reduce the negative physical and psychological effects of stress
    • Practical exercises that you can take away to practice yourself on an ongoing basis

    Dates: 25th November and 9th December

    At The English Centre, C/ Folch I Torres 8, Premia de D'Alt

    To reserve your place, please contact info@livingmindfully.es

    COST: €50 or €40 if two people book together.


  • To reserve your place on one of our workshops, please email info@livingmindfully.es  indicating the workshop that you are interested in. The cost of the workshop is to be paid on the day in cash. On some occasions, where workshops are limited in places or high in demand, a deposit will be requested in the reply to your booking email.

  • Workshops

    Throughout the year we will also be running a series of workshops. Some of these will be aimed at people who already have some experience of Mindfulness, with the objective of deepening individual practice and dealing with specific topics. Others will be more introductory in nature, aimed at a broader audience.

    All workshops will take place in a relaxed and comfortable group setting. Sign up to our newsletter for information about new courses and workshop releases.