• Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

  • Details

    Day: Mondays
    Dates: 8 weeks from 3rd Feb 2020
    Time: 7pm -8.45 pm
    Cost: €220

    Scroll down for more details and to book. Limited places. Must reserve.

  • Would you like to experience?

    • Decreased stress
    • Less anxiety
    • Less worry
    • Better mental and physical health
    • Happier mood
    • Increased focus

    When difficult, stressful or anxiety inducing situations arise, we have the tendency to act. How do you act? What do you do to try and fix it or change it? Do you feel the need to control the situation? Has this worked for you? In this course, we will analyse how we normally act, through practical exercises. We will also explore new ways of being and acting through Mindfulness techniques that will lead to long lasting change in our ways of dealing with the difficulties which arise in our lives. 

    To learn new ways of dealing with what arises in our minds and our bodies. The aim of which is to promote new behaviours which facilitate the management of discomfort and the various difficulties which occur within our life experiences; therefore improving our emotional and physical wellbeing.  


    The course takes place over six weeks with one group session of between one and a half and two hours per week. Each session will include some explicative and some practical activities and will include short practices to be carried out during private time.  Audio recordings of guided meditationsas well as accompanying written materials will be provided.

    • Based on the scientifically proven Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) method
    • Taught by Jess Bigogno, psychotherapist and certified MBSR teacher

    Who is it For? 

    Anyone with a desire to learn a series of techniques that will enable them to improve their wellbeing in a healthy and long lasting way. For people who want to try something different in order to obtain different results! The course is given entirely in English. 

  • To Book Your Place

    In order to secure your place the course, a deposit of €60 is payable through Paypal to jessbigogno@gmail.com. Please notify your payment by emailing info@livingmindfully.es to ensure your place is secure.

    Deposits will only be refunded if the course is cancelled. If you cannot attend, the deposit will be saved for you for future courses.