• Mindfulness at Work

    Many businesses across the globe now incorporate mindfulness training for their employees.

    For example, Search Inside Yourself is the science-backed mindfulness and emotional intelligence (EQ) course at Google that they call the "unexpected path to success and happiness at work".

    Over 3,000 employees have completed the course.


  • In Company Mindfulness and Corporate Events

    In Company Mindfulness

    The main objective of introducing mindfulness into the workplace is to improve personal and organisational efficacy. This is achieved through increasing self-awareness, thus cultivating an attitude of becoming more present.

    This in turn facilitates connection with the opportunities that arise and the ability to better cope with the challenges that the workplace presents.

    Numerous studies have found that incorporating mindfulness into the workplace has several benefits to include:

    • Better communication
    • Increased productivity
    • Improved work ethic
    • Increased creativity
    • Reduced stress and burnout

    We create bespoke packages for one off events or regular in-company sessions with a key focus on wellbeing, stress reduction and company / employee relationships.

    Corporate Events

    There are many reasons to provide a mindfulness session or workshop at a corporate event and we can tailor the focus and duration accordingly.

    • To provide an experience that is relaxing and rewarding
    • The organisation has a particular interest in reducing stress amongst their staff
    • To offer a learning experience that can be taken away and used back in the office or at home
    • To provide a group activity that unites and builds team relationships through a powerful shared experience


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