• I qualified as a psychologist in my home city of London before studying my Masters in Psychotherapy in Barcelona, specialising in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT or mindfulness based therapy). I have now treated clients for several years in central Barcelona. 

    All of the techniques that I use are strongly evidence based. Apart from seeing incredible positive results through my own experience with working with clients, one of the aspects of this approach that appeals to me compared with other types of therapies is that there is an overwhelming body of evidence that shows that it works time and time again.

    My approach also includes a strong emphasis on mindfulness in order to help people to help themselves in the present so that they can create better futures.

    I have worked with adults of varying ages, cultural backgrounds and with a wide spectrum of problems in my native language which is English, in order to help people who feel more comfortable speaking about their difficulties in this language.
    I am also a certified Mindfulness Teacher and NLP Practitioner.