Group sessions are not for everyone. You might want to work on a specific issue that you only want to discuss privately.

    Perhaps you could benefit from having one to one sessions with a trained psychotherapist and certified mindfulness teacher.

    Using mindfulness based techniques that can help to change your relationship to your thoughts and feelings. By changing that relationship with them you will find that they no longer drag you around and that you get back into the driving seat of your life.


    Would you like to:

    • Be less consumed by worry and anxiety
    • Feel less stressed
    • Be less caught up in negative thinking
    • Improve your relationships in general or one specific relationship
    • Find a clearer direction with your life
    • Reduce unhelpful reactions due to strong emotions such as anger

    If you think this might be you then get in touch so that we can discuss whether this might the right approach for you. You can find out more about me and my qualifications by clicking on the button.


    About Jessica Bigogno