• Eight Week Mindfulness Courses: Next Course 20th February 2018

    Next Course: Barcelona, evenings 19:00-21:00 from Tuesday February 6th. Small groups, limited places. 

    Cost: €220

    Booking: Scroll down the page for instructions on how to secure your place.

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course Outline

    When difficult, stressful or anxiety inducing situations arise, we have the tendency to act. How do you act? What do you do to try and fix it or change it? Do you feel the need to control the situation? Has this worked for you? In this course, we will analyse how we normally act, through practical exercises. We will also explore new ways of being and acting through Mindfulness techniques that will lead to long lasting change in our ways of dealing with the difficulties which arise in our lives. 

    To learn new ways of dealing with what arises in our minds and our bodies. The aim of which is to promote new behaviours which facilitate the management of discomfort and the various difficulties which occur within our life experiences; therefore improving our emotional and physical wellbeing. 


    The course takes place over eight weeks with one group session of two hours per week. Each session will include some explicative and some practical activities and will include short practices to be carried out during private time.  Audio recordings of guided meditations, as well as accompanying written materials will be provided.

    Who is it For?

    Anyone with a desire to learn a series of techniques that will enable them to improve their wellbeing in a healthy and long lasting way. For people who want to try something different in order to obtain different results! The course is given entirely in English. 

    Course Modules

    Session 1: What is Mindfulness?

    Cultivating mindfulness can help us reduce the negative physiological and psychological affects of that which arises in our lives that we find difficult or stressful, as well as helping us to find ways of responding positively and proactively to our experiences.

    Session 2: Gathering the Scattered Mind, the Power of Being Present, Living all Your Moments

    The mind is often scattered and lost in thought. When this happens we miss many pleasant moments, perhaps by focusing only on the unpleasant ones. In week two we begin to learn to train our mind to come back into the present and seeing things as they truly are.

    Session 3: What is Stress?

    In week thee we learn that our perception of how we see / don't see things, will largely determine how we respond to them. It is not what happens to us but how we handle them which influences our wellbeing.

    Session 4: Coping with Stress

    In session four we learn how to respond differently to that which appears in our lives that we find difficult or stressful both internally and externally. We do this by cultivating an open and kind attitude to our experiences and reducing resistance which in turn reduces suffering.

    Session 5: Mindfulness of Thoughts

    When we relate differently to our thoughts we free ourselves from getting stuck in the same thought patterns and habits. Through beginning to observe our thoughts as separate to ourselves we can see them for what they are rather than as definite truths which can be destructive and painful thus enabling a new sense of ease of being.

    Session 6: Mindfulness of Emotions

    Through seeing emotions and all of the system of feelings and thoughts that go with them as 'just emotions' we become liberated from being driven by them into patterns of behaviour that are unhelpful and that make our lives more difficult.

    Session 7: Cultivating Compassion

    If your life feels like a struggle with the world, it may be that the real struggle is with yourself. Developing kindness for ourselves can help us to reconnect with the world in a more positive way and open into kindness and compassion for others thus improving all of our relationships with others and with ourselves.

    Session 8: A Mindful Life

    Planning for a new way of living - the eight week is the rest of your life!


  • 100% of the past course participants surveyed said that they would recommend the course to a friend, 90% giving it a score of 5 out of 5.
  • How to Book

    In order to secure your place on one of our 8 week courses you will need to pay a deposit of € 60.

    Payment should be made to the paypal account jessbigogno@gmail.com.

    The balance is to be paid on the first day of the course in cash.

    Once you have made the payment, please confirm by writing to the email info@livingmindfully.es.

    Deposits will only be refunded if the course is cancelled. If you cannot attend, the deposit will be saved for you for future courses.

  • Jessica's course certainly helped me gain a deeper understanding of self-awareness. It also showed me how to take a different approach in dealing with stress or anxiety, which I have since put into practice when needed. I found the course very useful and I would definitely recommend it

    Deborah Rossi

  • I have taken the course as a step for my self-knowledge and understanding, after a very difficult year. It has been very helpful to comprehend some bad patterns and routines in my daily life and to change some "sick ways of doing". I strongly recommend it, both for the challenges of the individual meditation and the enrichment offered by the group activities.

    Federico Franzoni

  • This course brought to my attention many different ways to approach Mindfulness and how it can enrich my life and those around me. Prior to taking the course I was doing meditation based on books I read and videos I watched. These are no comparison to the knowledge I gained from taking this course. I am very happy to have been part of it.

    Jenifer Osterwalder

  • Since the course I've practiced Mindfulness regularly and it has helped me deal with negative thoughts. To see these thoughts as just thoughts and not to let them influence my feelings and life in a significant way as before. I also feel it's made a calmer and more content person.

    Greg Black